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I want to plant a salad garden where my herb garden currently resides. I am moving my herbs into pots so that they can be placed in the courtyard between the two kitchens. One of the things I like to add to my salads are edible flowers, and there are quite a lot of them available. I was given a branch of jasmine from a friend which I’m going to pot and leave outside on my bedroom balcony as I love the fragrance of the flowers. They can be used to add a sweet delicate note to your dish, as well as brewed to make tea. My lavender needs to be moved so that I can help it grow. The flowers have a perfume taste and need to be used sparingly. This is the same for many edible flowers.

Lavender Garden as part of my Edible Flowers
Lavender Garden

My nasturtium bed has been pulled out for the summer. But in winter I make use of the peppery flavour of the flowers.

a protea amongst the nasturtiums
a protea amongst the nasturtiums

My rose scented geranium forms part of my fynbos garden and I will add more varieties as they are available scented with lemon and mint as well.


I want to plant calendula as it is spicy and chamomile for its apple taste. Chamomile is good for tea, and so is hibiscus which is slightly acidic. I will look for dandelions as the young buds can be pan fried to replace mushrooms in a dish. Gardenias are sweet and marigolds are bitter while pansies are tart. To round off the garden I will add a rose bush for its aromatic flavour, squash plants as the blossoms are so versatile and violets as not only are they pretty but they are sweet as well. Do you have edible flowers in your garden?

Lavender and Lime Signature

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20 thoughts on “Edible Flowers

  1. Wonderful idea Tandy. Herbs do exceptionally well in pots. I love your selection of edible flowers. We often use calendula flowers as a saffron substitute.

    1. Thanks. My fynbos garden mostly gets left alone which is evident by my confetti bush dying. That may have to do with the dustbin blowing over in the wind though 😉

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