Enkosi Cookathon Hosted By Yuppiechef

I love a challenge and last year had an absolute blast with the Community Cookathon hosted by yuppiechef. So, I had to take part in this year’s Enkosi Cookathon, not only for the challenge, but because I love supporting yuppiechef.

Enkosi Cookathon

Part of the challenge was to cook 7 dishes – and for me, where to start? Should I start with the bobotie:

or head straight for the dessert of melktert?

or even better, malva pudding!

malva pudding

However, I decided to start with the spicy chicken livers:

spicy chicken livers

and followed this up with sugar free koeksisters – who knew the sugar free syrup would be as good as the real deal!


I followed this by cooking a lamb curry over two days:

lamb curry

being truly South African it is amazing I have never made phutu pap before. Sadly the given recipe for the pap and relish were not the best of the bunch and so what you see here is a BIG adaptation!

Pap And Wors With A Tomato And Onion Relish

ps – all the dishes here represent my adaption of the recipes. I will post recipes slowly but surely for what I did. The word links will take you to the original recipes, which I adapted. And some of the photo’s already have links up as I have blogged the recipes already!

For the challenge I have recooked the first three dishes!

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