Exotic Mushroom Pasta With Sun Dried Tomatoes

Mushrooms have to be one of my favourite ingredients to cook with – they can never be overcooked, and take on all flavours. We are very lucky in that we can easily and readily get exotic mushrooms. These are grown locally in Stellenbosch which is a farming area close to where I live. These are sold in all our local supermarkets. With them I have made Exotic Mushroom Pasta With Sun Dried Tomatoes.

Exotic Mushroom Pasta With Sun Dried Tomatoes
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Exotic Mushroom Pasta With Sun Dried Tomatoes

Recipe Category: Italian
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 30 mls Coconut Oil
  • 10 button mushrooms sliced
  • 150 g mixed exotic mushrooms sliced
  • 5 sun dried tomato pieces sliced
  • salt and black pepper for seasoning
  • 30 mls cream
  • 1 handful flat leaf parsley roughly chopped
  • truffle oil for garnishing
  • Pasta


  • while your pasta is cooking:
  • melt the coconut oil over a medium heat in your pan
  • add the mushrooms, a handful at a time, making sure each batch is cooked before you add the next one
  • once they are all done, add the sun dried tomatoes and heat
  • add salt and pepper to taste
  • add the cream and heat
  • stir in the flat leaf parsley
  • mix in the pasta
  • place a generous portion into each dish and drizzle some truffle oil over the top

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Ten years down the line and this would still be a firm favourite for me to cook. Mushrooms are a consistent ingredient in my fridge together with sun dried tomatoes. There is always pasta in my pantry. And if I were to ever run out of dried pasta it would be easy enough to make my own. I make sure to never run out of 00 flour as this is the most important ingredient when making your own pasta. Just 100g of the flour with an egg and a pinch of salt and you have your dough. This is not quite the recipe I use for extruded pasta. If you want to make your own shapes then take a look at this post.

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