February 2015 Showcasing In My Kitchen

For  February 2015 I have very little to share with you and Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial. In my kitchen there was a candy thermometer.

Candy Thermometer

This lasted a year, but in the middle of making gelato I realized that it had stopped working properly. I am not sure why it broke, or when it broke, but I can tell you not to bother buying one of these. Rather spend the money once and get yourself a digital thermometer.

Digital Thermometer

The probe measures the temperature (the number on the left was the ambient air temperature when I took the photograph) and you can set the desired temperature (on the right) and the thermometer will beep when the temperature has been reached. If you remove the probe, the thermometer acts as a timer. I already have one in my kitchen, but a second one could come in handy when I am testing a lot of recipes at once.

My friend Camilla gave me this onion pod. I have not yet used it as I am still wary about saving cut onions. We usually cook the entire onion and then set aside what we don’t need straight away and put that in the fridge for later use. Has anyone used one of these?

Onion Pod

I bought some vanilla powder in December to use when I don’t need an entire vanilla pod. If you save all of your pods you can make this by blitzing up the pods, with a few whole ones.

Vanilla Powder

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