Figs Done Two Ways

At the recent Food Bloggers Conference we were given wonderful goody bags and included in this was a bottle of Verlaque Fresh Raspberry Balsamic Reduction. I love the variety of products that Verlaque have created and use many of them in my kitchen at various times. I have used the bottle we received on salads instead of salad dressing but knew there was an experiment or two waiting to happen. Then, I saw some lovely fresh figs at Woolworths and a perfect marriage of tastes was forming in my head. I have created recipes for Figs Done Two Ways.

Fresh Figs With Verlaque Raspberry Balsamic Reduction

The first dessert was plain but tasty. Figs were cut into quarters and then heated in the drying pan with the Verlaque balsamic reduction. For the sweet tooth to be satisfied you should add just a small amount of vanilla sugar to this.

Turkish Figs With Honey and Camembert

For the second dessert I cut the figs into quarters, but not right through the base. I then put a piece of Camembert into each fig and placed them under the grill until the cheese had just started melting. I then drizzled over the Verlaque Balsamic Reduction – and it was sublime.

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