Food And Wine Bloggers Indaba 2012

There were a few talks at the Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba 2012 where the notes I took do not amount to enough for individual blog posts. I am going to cover all of them here, in one post. Paul Raphaely from Nomu must be one of the most amazing speakers I have come across and he was a fantastic MC for the day. He made a few points worth noting:

  • choose the brands you want to work with
  • there is elevation by association
  • have a custodial approach for your ideas

Paul Gelatis from Yuppiechef is another amazing speaker and he made these points:

  • write a good blog post first!
  • create something
  • be brilliant up front
  • integrity is key

In my mind, all these points go a long way to where I want my blog to be. I love working with Yuppiechef and will continue to support small local business over and above all others. PinteristJohn Gardner presented the talk, and these are the notes I took:

  • fastest growing platform
  • cost effective way to reach a large audience
  • needs an active strategy

As I work full time running two companies, and I blog, I know that I cannot dedicate any of my time to pinning. However, if you want to see what of mine has been pinned, please click here.

I have played an active part as possible in the Indaba’s since the first one when I sponsored a copy of my recipe book, Lavender and Lime. For the second event I not only sponsored recipe books, I also sponsored incentive give away’s from my business to people who booked for the event. I assisted Colleen with behind the scenes issues for last year, as well as this year and also assisted on the day. Once again this year I sponsored give away’s. I truly believe in bloggers coming together and working together!

What I blogged:

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21 thoughts on “Food And Wine Bloggers Indaba 2012

  1. Wow Tandy, looks to me like you don’t need to bother with Pinterest – everyone else is pinning for you! That’s quite some tribute to the quality of your work 😀

  2. Yes, Colleen does such an awesome job with the Indaba – she is an absolutely incredible woman who has so many that love her and would walk to the ends of the earth for her – hence all the people that help her with whatever she needs unwaiveringly and with a huge smile on their faces. She has a lot of angels who surround her.
    It was a wonderful experience for me, being a non food blogger and something I hope she can carry on doing for years to come – I will be there for sure – I even have a few food loving friends who have said they will be coming with next year!!

  3. Amazing work & like everybody else i wish i had your secreat formula to do all that you do in just 24 hours of a day. Hats Off To You. I need a few lessons!!!
    This year was my first visit to the Indiaba, and i will most certainly ensure that i can attend the next one as well.

  4. Gorgeous, tandy. I tried to post before and it is playing up! I love making my own jams and try to do it often. Any preserves really

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