Four And Twenty, Wynberg, South Africa

My parents made their annual visit to us in June and the plan for the day was that Dave and my dad would go to the motor racing, and my mom and I would go for lunch. My mom had read about Four And Twenty and so we decided to make our way to the Southern Suburbs. It was pouring with rain, and given the amount of water on the ground, Dave reckoned the racing would not be fun and so he decided all 4 of us would go for lunch. We managed to find parking quite easily in the road and luckily for us there was a table available. They do not take reservations on Saturdays and I was told when I called that they are full from breakfast time, but a table of 2 should not be a problem.

Four & Twenty

They serve local organic produce from Tenterden Children’s Home Project where possible. The average main course price is R83 which I consider high for lunch. I chose a brandy cask aged cider to drink (660mls for R58) which is one of the nicest ciders I have had in South Africa. The wine list is good, with a good representation of local wines and good prices.

The Decorations

For my lunch I chose the sandwich of the day (R65) which was one slice of bread, topped with avocado, feta and chicken mixed with a honey aioli and served with a side salad. The side salad was lettuce only and had quite an oily dressing. The sandwich itself was extremely tasty and the portion was generous.

Sandwich Of The Day

The dining area was very noisy and overly warm. The staff are extremely friendly and most helpful. They are open Tuesday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm and Sundays 9am to 4pm. Contact them on +27 21 762 0975 

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