Fraai Uitzicht, Klaas Voogds East

Fraai Uitzicht

In December 2010 Dave, my parents and I went on a road trip. This included a stop at Fraai Uitzicht. When we learnt that they had accommodation on site, Dave and I decided we would make a plan to spend an evening there. It took us 7 years but finally we made a plan. It was our 15th wedding anniversary and I wanted to do something special. We celebrate our anniversary with friends each year and they were quite happy to join us for a night away.

Fraai Uitzicht
Fraai Uitzicht
Our rooms

Dorothy prefers a bath to a shower, and when I made the booking I requested the one garden suite that has a bath. I then requested that we be accommodated next to that. My choice was perfect as we had two secluded rooms, set away from the other guests. John and Dorothy were in Chardonnay, with a large oval bath being the central feature in the bathroom. We were in Chenin Blanc with a large open space shower. After our arrival we went and sat with our feet in the pool. It was a hot day and perfect swimming weather had we bought our costumes. After a little bit of relaxing and unwinding we met on the patio for sundowners.

Chenin Blanc Room At Fraai Uitzicht
Anniversary celebrations

We sat outside, enjoying our bottle of champagne and the biltong Dorothy had brought with to snack on. From there we walked through the garden to the restaurant. This is open to the public if there is space, with guests staying at Fraai Uitzicht getting first option. Not sure which wine to have with our starters, the owner / winemaker brought over 4 glasses of the Le Neuf Papesch for us to try. This viognier was the perfect choice and we ordered a bottle.

The Patio Outside Our Room At Fraai Uitzicht
The Patio Outside Our Room At Fraai Uitzicht

The owner then came and discussed which wine we should have with our main course. This discussion included 4 glasses of red wine, with 2 different varietals on offer. We went for the Grenache which was the perfect accompaniment to our meal. Out of everyone’s dishes, mine sadly was not great. I had ordered guinea fowl and it was dry. Only Dorothy and I ordered desserts, but each one of us had a glass of dessert wine. Oupa se Wyn for the men, and Ouma se Wyn for us. These Weltevrede dessert wines rate as one of my favourites. From there, deciding we had not had enough wine, we ordered a bottle of Merlot. We went for the 2009 vintage which is more robust than the 2012. After enjoying our wine we toddled off to bed.

The View From The Restaurant At Fraai Uitzicht
The View From The Restaurant At Fraai Uitzicht
Bed and Breakfast

The bed was super comfortable and we did not need the air-conditioning as it had cooled down during the night. We woke up, made coffee and relaxed before going to shower. After that we went for breakfast where we were offered but declined, a glass of Graham Beck MCC. Dorothy, Dave and I had coffee and John had rooibos tea. The continental breakfast was served to us at the table and there was no shortage of food and choices on offer. We could have had seconds of anything had we chosen to.

Breakfast At Fraai Uitzicht
Breakfast At Fraai Uitzicht
My impressions

This is the perfect getaway place for a quiet break away from home. I loved the fresh fruit that was in our room and the attention to detail and care of the staff. While in the area pop in to Graham Beck for a MCC tasting, and have lunch at Nuy on the Hill.

Contact them on: +27 23 626 6156

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  1. Seriously, what a wonderful sounding vacation! Beautiful pictures too! A friend of ours is originally from South Africa. I’m constantly bombarding the poor guy with questions about his country. This post is inspiring, now I want to hop on a plane and explore!

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