Food Quiz Number 11 For A Friday

I am sharing Friday’s Food Quiz Number 11. I don’t think all my answers are correct! The questions were set by Zirkie, who blogs over at PinkPolkaDot.

1. Which Food preservation method is the most natural and economical?


2. Which oil has the highest smoking point?

Ground Nut Oil

3. What are the main types of vinegars and what are they made of?

Wine, Cider, Fruit 

Food Quiz Number 11
Blueberry Vinegar

4. Which three different powders are derived from dry chillies?

Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Chilli Powder (ha ha)

5. Name the unleavened Passover bread?


6. What is another name for a filbert?


7. What spice gives curry powder its colour?


8. Where did Worcestershire sauce originate from?


9. Which drink is made up of coconut, pineapple juice and rum?

pina colada

10. What is the difference between relish and salsa?

A relish is a cooked pickle whereas a salsa is a fresh sauce

11. What is a calzone?

a folded up pizza 

12. What is likely to happen if you place eggs straight from the refrigerator into boiling water?

they will crack (add one toothpick for every egg and they should not crack) 

13. What is a gumbo?

Stew from the Southern States of America

14. Bananas are native to which country?


15. What is Scandinavian pickled salmon called?

Gravadlax (according to my Swedish friend, the salmon (lax) is buried (gravad) in the ground to cure)
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30 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 11 For A Friday

  1. I don’t know why but, I always like to know how people boil there eggs. Maybe because I always hear new tricks. I never heard of toothpicks in the water. I have let them sit in warm water to bring them down to room temp before boiling

    1. I used to use that method, but now we have an egg boiler and I don’t have to worry about the eggs cracking anymore 🙂

  2. Wow, that really was a great quiz. I have about three lines of enquiry now to follow up with Google… and seriously? People call hazelnuts dilberts?

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