Food Quiz Number 12 For A Friday

Here are my answers to this week’s Friday’s Food Quiz Number 12. The quiz is a weekly event hosted by my friend Zirkie.

1. Which grain contains more protein than any other grain, is higher in unsaturated fats and lower in carbohydrates?


2. Which dish is similar to Spanish paella, just more spicy?


Food Quiz Number 12
prawn and spicy sausage jambalaya

3. What is nori?

part of my favourite food sushi, nori is seaweed

4. What is another name for rapeseed?

Canola – looks so amazing in the field – lovely and yellow!  

5. What is the difference between parboiling and steeping?

Parboiling is when you partly cook the food and then finish off the cooking at a later stage. Steeping is when you leave something in water to get the flavour out, such as steeping of tea leaves

6. How many millimeters is one leaf of gelatin?

110mm long, 75mm wide, micron thick (I used my ruler 🙂 )

7. What fruit comes from a bramble bush?

blackberries and raspberries

8. What is ratafia?

liqueur made from bitter almonds

9. What does the skin of grapes contain that is useful in wine production?


10. Does a mealie (corn on the cob) have an even or odd number of rows?


11. Name the dome-shaped mould used to shape different foods?


12. What are champignons?

button mushrooms

13. What salad vegetable is related to the loofah sponge?


14. What should one do to cherries when baking to stop them from sinking to the bottom?

coat them in flour first

15. What kind of acid is present in tea?


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27 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 12 For A Friday

  1. After reading this, I think I should try Quinoa. It sounds very healthy. I’ve never counted the rows on a mealie. 😉 Have a great weekend, Tandy. xxx

    1. do not kick me! This was in my spam folder and I nearly deleted it as I seldom read the comments there – but now I have approved the comment it should not be a problem 🙂

  2. Lots of goodies here! Coating cherries in flour to stop them sinking…brilliant! And have wondered for so long what canola oil was, now I know. Genius Tandy 🙂

  3. I just love your food quizzes Tandy. Am a bit confused about this one though:6. How many millimeters is one leaf of gelatin?
    110mm long, 75mm wide, micron thick

    I must not know what you are referring to…

    1. leaf gelatin is the same as sheet gelatin – I am going to really have to buckle down and get the alternate names for things post done 🙂

  4. Often i am reading about this quinoa and i really really must get some and try it out, now i know which aisle to look in! Hope you are having a great weekend.. c

  5. This is the 1st time that I didn’t get a lot of the answers right! I learned a lot!
    these quizes of your’s are always so cool! 😉

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