Food Quiz Number 19 For A Friday

Here are my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 19. This is a weekly quiz hosted by my friend Zirkie.

I am in Scotland and will return to South Africa on the 8th of May – I will reply to blog comments then. This quiz post has been scheduled in advance.

1. What is tahini?

a thick smooth paste made from roasted ground sesame seeds

2. Where do pomegranates originate from?

it is of Asian origin and spread west to the African shores of the Mediterranean many thousands of years ago 

3.  What is cataplana?

Portuguese seafood dish and the word also refers to the clam like pot it is cooked in

4. What is cilantro more commonly known as?

coriander (dhania)

5. What type of bread is traditionally made in a tandoor?


6. Where would one put forcemeat?

stuffing mixture of of finely chopped or ground meat, herbs and seasoning – to go into a chicken or turkey

7. What is rice paper made from?

it is made from the straw of rice 

8. Who invented the hamburger?

it evolved in the USA in the early years of the 20th century

9. What is cassata?

an iced dessert which originated in Italy. is usually consists of layers of ice cream at least one of which contains chopped nuts and glazed fruit and sometimes also a layer of sweetened whipped cream. Sicilian cassata consists of strips of sponge cake soaked in a liqueur or sweet dessert wine, encasing ricotta cheese, mixed with nuts and glazed fruit cake. both types are traditionally made in a rectangular mould hence the name which is derived from the Italian word for ‘little brick’

10. What is falafel?

deep fried balls of ground and spiced chickpea. a snack of Middle Eastern Origin – goes well with hummus which is made with tahini


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