Food Quiz Number 20 For A Friday

Here are my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 20 posted by Pink Polka Dot.

1. What is Putter fish?

totally foxed here? something a golfer keeps in his aquarium?

2. What is molecular gastronomy?

Heston Blumenthal! A way of cooking which combines the knowledge of chemistry with the knowledge of food. A typical example is Heston’s use of dry ice to make ‘caviar’ out of other ingredients. Another example is the use of essential oils for cooking. A further example is using a vacuum to make meringues. Best experienced at his restaurant The Fat Duck, which charges about GBP100 per tasting plate. (this is all off the top of my head and my recipe encyclopaedia is so old, it does not even have it in it) 

3.  What is traditionally regarded as the definite aphrodisiac food?


4. What is vegetarian caviar made of?


5. What does “pane” mean?



6. Which baked bread is said to symbolize the eternal circle of life because of its shape?

In Jewish tradition this is the round Challah baked for Rosh Hashanah. Not sure of any other one, but another guess would be a bagel!

7. What is bucatini?

a thick pasta shaped like spaghetti but with a hole running through the middle 

8. If a steak is blue, how has it been prepared?

just how I like it – sealed on both sides and served. the steak should be at room temperature before cooking and should not be served on a hot plate which would cook it further 

9. If a boiled egg is blue, how has it been prepared?

with food colouring? I have no idea, but I would guess hard boiled

10. What is the Greek food “tiropita”?

phyllo pastry filled with an eggy cheese mixture

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