Friday’s Food Quiz Number 29

If you would like to do this Friday’s Food Quiz Number 29 please pop over to Pink’s blog on food24 and let her know!

1. What is ketjap manis?

sweet soy sauce – and the inspiration for ketchup

2. What are the ingredients of sweet chilli sauce?

red chillies, sugar, water, rice wine vinegar, garlic, sweet paprika, salt, Thai fish sauce, lime juice

Sweet Chilli Sauce In Answer To Friday’s Food Quiz Number 29
Sweet Chilli Sauce

3. What is the grain-liked cereal, made from semolina, that was original from North-Africa, called?

cous cous

4. What is another name for Arugula, which is a peppery-tasting green leaf?


5. Tofu is made of what?

soybean curd

6. What is bow-tie pasta called?


7. What are Valencias, Macetera, Robertson Navel and Seville?


8. What is chef Anthony Bourdain’s other vocation?

I have seen him on Top Chef as a judge, does this count?

9. What is soba?

Japanese noodles

10. The onion was named after the Latin word for what?

paper (I am guessing)
Lavender and Lime Signature

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