Food Quiz Number 34 For A Friday

PinkPolkaDot on food24 has posted the Friday’s Food Quiz Number 34. Here are my answers.

1. From which country did Pak Choi originate?

Pak Choi, also known as bok choy, bok choi, quing cai and Chinese cabbage is a member of the Brassica family. This Brassica rapa has rounded leaves on wide, white stalks that grow in a rosette. The vegetable is shredded for use in stir fries, soups and casseroles or braised dishes. Small heads may also be cooked whole. The tender leaves wilt rapidly on cooking, but the stalks retain their crisp texture. Originates from China.

Food Quiz Number 34
Pak Choi And Carrot Meatballs

2. Name three tomato varieties.

Beefsteak / Marmande




Cournue des Andes

San Marzano

Black Russian


3. What are sambals?

A condiment (originally Indonesian) made with red chilli peppers, grated onion, lime juice, oil and vinegar.

4. In culinary terms what does “prove” mean?

it means to rise and relates to dough. To increase in volume through the action of a raising agent.

5. What does “Mange tout” mean?

the literal translation is ‘eats everything’ but I know that these are a varietal of peas – so it would mean you can eat the whole pea!

6. Which fruit contains the most luteïene and contains zero cholesterol?

kiwi fruit – being the only green fruit I can think of

7. What is Maltabella meal made from?

sorghum grain

8. What is Rosé?

a pink wine usually best when young and drunk when cool.

9. The Roman Emperor Nero was referred to as “Porrophagus” by his people – what does this mean?

eater of leeks

10. What is the difference between granita, sorbet and ice cream?

a granita is a type of Italian sorbet popularized by Tortoni in Paris in the 19th Century. It is a half-frozen preparation with a granular texture, made of a lightly sweetened syrup or of a syrup flavoured with coffee or liqueur.

a sorbet is a type of water ice that is softer and more granular than ice cream as it does not contain any fat or egg yolk. The basic ingredient of a sorbet is fruit juice, or purée, wine, spirit or liqueur or an infusion. A sugar syrup, sometimes with additional glucose, or one or two invert sugars is added.

Ice cream is a cold dessert made by freezing a flavoured mixture. For the easiest ice cream recipe that does not need an ice cream maker, get yourself a copy of Lavender & Lime

Cinnamon Ice Cream With Dulce De Leche in answer to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 34
Cinnamon Ice Cream With Dulce De Leche

Answers that I did not know sourced from Larousse
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