Food Quiz Number 35 For A Friday

PinkPolkaDot on food24 has posted her Friday’s Food Quiz Number 35 – these are my answers:

1. What is Balsamic glaze?

a reduction of balsamic vinegar – which in turn is a reduction of grape juice

2. Which vegetable is the only that contains Vitamin D?


3. What herb did Roman soldiers add to their baths for courage and strength?

I am guessing Rosemary

4. In which country did “Tapas” originate?

in Spain, an assortment of hors d’oeuvre or cocktail snacks, traditionally served to accompany Málaga, sherry, Manzanilla or cider

5. Which herb has more than 60 varieties of which a few are called Spear, Hart’s Pennyroyal, Slender and Orange?


6. Which plant can be used as a remedy for motion sickness?

ginger and/or peppermint. If you suffer from car sickness, place a few drops of peppermint essential oil onto a cotton wool ball. Place the cotton wool ball into the air vents while travelling

7. What is smoked herring called?

kipper – the herring is slit open and flattened, salted for 1-2 hours, then lightly smoked on both sides over a wooded fire

8. What are madeleines and which nut does it traditionally contain?

a small, individual, French sponge cake shaped like a rounded shell, made with sugar, melted butter and eggs, flavoured with lemon or orange-flower water.  The nut it contains is almonds

9. What is Tofu?

bean curd

Laksa Lemak

10. Name three aniseed-flavored liqueurs.

amaretto, anisette, pacharán, pastis, ouzo, arak. I have had a lot of arak in my life – something I would not like to repeat. It is stronger tasting than ouzo!

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