Friday’s Food Quiz Number 44

PinkPolkaDot has posted her quiz – here are my answers:

1. What is the most widely fish eaten in the world?

I would guess Tuna or white fish – hake in South Africa

2. What fruits were crossed to produce the nectarine?

even though it is commonly thought that a nectarine is a cross cultivar between a plum and a peach, it is in fact a hairless peach

3. What European nation consumes more spicy food than any other?

another guess here – England

4. Where did the pineapple originate from?

South America

5. What is a more common name for a cambrel?

Even though my friend Sous thinks I should use my Larousse for the quiz (and she has a point there, as I dropped it on my foot which now has a massive bruise on it) I have never heard of the term and so wanted to educate myself – and it is not listed in Larousse.

6. What nation produces two thirds of the world’s vanilla?

Madagascar – about 60% of the worlds production

7. Which nuts are used to make marzipan?

almonds (my Mom’s favourite)

8. What term for excellent cookery is derived from a Blue Ribbon worn by members of a French order of knighthood?

Cordon Bleu

9. Which evergreen tree’s berries are used to flavour gin?


10. Which blend of tea contains an extract of the fruit of the bergamot?

Earl Grey tea (one of my favourites)


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