Food Quiz Number 46 For A Friday

PinkPolkaDot has posted Friday’s Food Quiz Number 46, and here are my answers:

1. Where did the dish Trinchado originate from?


2. Even though this is classified as a cheese, it is actually a by-product of cheese making.  Its name means literally ‘recooked.’  Name this cheese.


3. The tree “Myristica fragrans”, has aromatic, evergreen leaves, and produces a year round crop of a peach like, but tough dry fruit.  When ripe, the fruit splits open revealing a large seed, surrounded by a red lacy network.  Both the red fleshy part and the large seed are used to make two different spices.  What are these two spices?

Nutmeg and Mace

Spices and Nutmeg Grater

4. Brinjals are native to which country? Is a brinjal a vegetable?

India and they are a fruit

5. On which fruit is the ‘Paisley’ design based?


6. What legume is the oldest cultivated legume. They are a member of the pea family and are grown for their seeds, which may be dried and used in soups and stews. The seeds are also ground into a flour.


7. What is a Liaison in culinary terms?

a mixture used for thickening or binding sauces, soups and stews

8. What is the difference between Gremolata and Gremolada?

A gremolata is a herb condiment of chopped parsley, lemon zest and garlic. I have never heard of Gremolada

Preserved Lemon And Pickled Garlic Gremolata

9. What is a the dish, a “Buck Rabbit”?

Welsh rarebit

Welsh Rarebit

10. What are the two most cultivated fruit trees in the world?

apples and pears

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