Food Quiz Number 47 For A Friday

OK, I know, it is Monday – but where on earth did Pink think I would find the time to do this!? I finally met our darling blogger this weekend, and I am so glad I did. You can also do the quiz if you want to and don’t forget, if you are not a food24 blogger to send Pink a link to your blog – she will be delighted 🙂 So, here goes, my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 47.

1. What are the main ingredients of a traditional Vinaigrette sauce?

3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar

2. What is “slaking” in culinary terms?

In geology this is when things crumble due to moisture – could it be the same for cooking?

3. What is the French term for mixing equal parts of flour and butter to a smooth paste to thicken a sauce with?


4. What are Brinjals also known as?

eggplants or aubergines – and if you were in our writing course yesterday, Rubenesque is my favourite way to describe them

5. What is a Pasta Primavera?

pasta with vegetables

6. How do you “deglaze” a pan?

add a liquid

7. Where did the Passion fruit originate from?

South America – my Boxer loves them and she keeps on picking them off the vine and eating them

Food Quiz Number 47
granadilla curd

8. What is the difference between Gravadlax, gravlax and ceviche?

gravadlax is a salt cured piece of salmon and ceviche is a piece of fish that has been cured by citrus

9. What is traditionally mixed into Caponata to sweeten it?

traditionally one would use a sweet vinegar

10. How and from what is brawn made?

it is a terrine of meat jelly made from pig and set with aspic

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10 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 47 For A Friday

  1. I’ve heard of slaking cornflour or flour as a thickening agent for a sauce – that is mixing it with water before adding to a sauce, not sure if that’s correct though.

  2. It was lovely to meet her; all in all it was an amazing weekend and I will say it again:
    Thanks so much, again, to you and Dave for making us feel so welcome and for spoiling us like you did. Love you madly!

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