Food Quiz Number 47 For A Friday

OK, I know, it is Monday – but where on earth did Pink think I would find the time to do this!? I finally met our darling blogger this weekend, and I am so glad I did. You can also do the quiz if you want to and don’t forget, if you are not a food24 blogger to send Pink a link to your blog – she will be delighted 🙂 So, here goes, my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 47.

1. What are the main ingredients of a traditional Vinaigrette sauce?

3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar

2. What is “slaking” in culinary terms?

In geology this is when things crumble due to moisture – could it be the same for cooking?

3. What is the French term for mixing equal parts of flour and butter to a smooth paste to thicken a sauce with?


4. What are Brinjals also known as?

eggplants or aubergines – and if you were in our writing course yesterday, Rubenesque is my favourite way to describe them

5. What is a Pasta Primavera?

pasta with vegetables

6. How do you “deglaze” a pan?

add a liquid

7. Where did the Passion fruit originate from?

South America – my Boxer loves them and she keeps on picking them off the vine and eating them

granadilla curd

8. What is the difference between Gravadlax, gravlax and ceviche?

gravadlax is a salt cured piece of salmon and ceviche is a piece of fish that has been cured by citrus

9. What is traditionally mixed into Caponata to sweeten it?

traditionally one would use a sweet vinegar

10. How and from what is brawn made?

it is a terrine of meat jelly made from pig and set with aspic

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