Food Quiz Number 53 For A Friday

I love it when there is a quiz for me to do, and here is Friday’s Food Quiz Number 53 from PinkPolkaDot. You too can take part by going to her blog to see the ‘rules’.

1. What is Pierogi?

Dumplings which I think originate from Poland

2. What is a Bienenstich Cake and what is it also called?

Bee sting cake made with honey and almonds and a custard filling

3. What is Pistou?

a condiment made with garlic, olive oil and basil similar to pesto, but without the Parmesan

4. Litchis are native to which country?

I am allergic to the skin of these Chinese gems

5. What is a Loquat also known as and what is it?

We had a tree in our garden as children and I loved this fruit, also knows as a Chinese plum. Our neighbour has one and I pick them off his tree whenever I can reach them 

6. What does the term freeze-dry means?

dehydrate using cold air?

7. What is the difference in culinary terms between broil and broiler?

To broil means to grill as in braai (BBQ) whereas a broiler is a chicken reared for its meat 

8. What are water chestnuts used for?

they are used in Chinese cooking (I notice a them here 🙂 ) and can be ground up to use as a flour

9. Can you eat a Mexican Potato also known as a Jicama raw?

you can eat the root raw

10. What are the main ingredients of water biscuits?

flour and water

Knackerbröd in answer to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 53

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