Food Quiz Number 56 For A Friday

My friend PinkPolkaDot has posted this week’s Friday’s Food Quiz Number 56, and here are my answers. If you would like to do the quiz, please pop on over to her blog to let her know.

1. What is “elachi” more commonly known as?

cardamom. I bought some white cardamom in France in the most beautiful bottle.

2. What spices are traditionally in Garam Masala?

cinnamon, mace, cardamom, rose petals, coriander, cloves, cumin, fennel, bay leaves … and to see the rest, click above for the recipe

Food Quiz Number 56
Garam Masala

3. What is bhajias?

Indian sweets

4. To which family does watercress belong?

the cabbage family

5. What are the main ingredients of Halva?

Sesame seed paste / tahini and sugar. I once ate only halva for a few days and experienced my first and last bout of air sickness and I have not had any halva since

6. What is the culinary term for soaking fruit or vegetables in a sugar and alcohol syrup to infuse flavour?


7. What are the ingredients of advocaat?

this reminds me of eggnog at Christmas, so I would guess, eggs, sugar and Brandy

8. Caraway seeds are native to which continent?

Asia or Europe. There seems to be a shortage of these seeds at the moment as I cannot find any!

9 Which country produces the highest quantity of pineapples?

I know it is not Swaziland! I have eaten pineapples all over the far east, Australasia and the America’s and I am going to guess Hawaii

10. What does “to flute” mean?

could it be when you make an opening in the top of a pie and use one of those pie flutes to let the steam out?
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