Food Quiz Number 64 For A Friday

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Once again, Pink has posted a quiz! I cannot read Cindy’s blog until I have done Friday’s Food Quiz Number 64, but so far it has been a busy weekend. This is the first opportunity I have to sit down and concentrate – well as best as I can with blocked ears. Here are my answers to Food Quiz Number 64.

1. What is an éclade des moules?

is must have something to do with seafood! Moules are mussels – of which we ate a lot of in France! So, a mussel bake (like the American clam bake) is my guess

2. What is spaetzle?

My holiday this year included a weekend visit with my mom’s sister and her husband. I don’t refer to her as my aunt much, as Michelle is my age and Mathias her husband is as well. Mathias made us spaetzle, a German egg noodle.

3. What type of animal correctly predicted Germany’s FIFA world cup win?


4. What is the difference between butterscotch and caramel?

butterscotch is made from brown sugar and butter. Caramel is just sugar.

5. What is the main ingredient of the Middle Eastern spread called baba ganoush?

baba ganoush is made from egg plant

Baba Ghannoush for Friday's Food Quiz Number 64
Baba Ghannoush

6. What is the main ingredient of the Italian aperitif, called cynar?

like most aperitifs I would assume it has a collection of herbs but I don’t know what the main ingredient is.

7. Why is star fruit toxic to patients with chronic renal failure?

it must contain oxalic acid?

8. What is bitterballen?

bitter balls?? A small meatball

9. What gives red velvet cake its red colour?

food colouring – see my red velvet cupcakes

Food Quiz Number 64
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting

10. What are the main ingredients of a California roll?

A California Roll is an inside out sushi roll made from cucumber, crab and avocado, with sushi rice and sesame seeds

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