Food Quiz Number 65 For A Friday

I had the luxury of a Saturday morning to myself, loafing on the couch, sipping on coffee and watching the rugby – bliss. Pink has posted Friday’s Food Quiz Number 65, and here are my answers:

1. Is couscous a grain or pasta?

couscous is a grain

Gooi & Enjoy™ CousCous Salad

2. The dish “Osso bucco” uses what cut of meat?


3. What is “bubble and squeak” made off?

potatoes and cabbage, and any other leftover vegetables from a roast dinner

4. Which fruit is used in a black forest cake?


5. What are the small snacks served with drinks in Spain called?


6. What is “Ciboulette” more commonly known as?


7. Which herb flavours a béarnaise sauce?


8. What is Finocchio?


9. What is Madiba’s (Nelson Mandela’s) favourite dish?


10. What kind of fish is used in rollmops?


If you want to take part in Food Quiz Number 65 please feel free to do so. Let me know in the comments below so I can come and see your answers.

There is no guarantee that any of my answers are correct so please take a look at Zirkie’s blog for the answers to this quiz.

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