Food Quiz Number 67 For A Friday

Yes, it is Monday and no, you are not confused. It is just that I do not blog over the weekends or while on holiday and so the Friday’s Food Quiz Number 67 is being done today – Monday. I am at home bed resting with flu – this is not the right time for me to get sick, so the remedies better work. Pink has been doing these quizzes when she can – do go and take a look! Here are my answers: Hopefully all of them are correct. But if not, please let me know.

1. Why do apples and potatoes turn brown when sliced? the enzymes in the apples and potatoes react upon exposure to oxygen to turn brown

2. What is another name for an Oyster mushroom? abalone mushroom

3. What is the difference between “Coconut milk” and “Cream of coconut”? coconut cream is the first extract and coconut milk is the second extract when making this product from fresh coconut – read here for more on how to make this at home yourself

4. Can baking powder being used as a substitute for baking soda? I would have to guess no, as baking soda is an ingredient in baking powder and baking is chemistry

5. Are clarified butter and butter ghee the same? yes

6. Where did Key lime pie originate? I am going to guess Florida America as that is where I think Key limes come from, and Americans make pies out of anything

7. What is the name of the vegetables in the following photo? Food Quiz Number 67


8. What is black pudding? blood sausage

9. What is Aspic? a savoury dish of ingredients set in gelatin

10. If a dish is called “A la Provencale”, what does it contain? garlic, tomatoes and olive oil

A nice short and sweet Food Quiz Number 67!

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