Food Quiz Number 68 And My Answers

Cray fishing season is in full swing and I get three hours on a windless day to do what ever I want. I have started by putting some granola in the oven and as soon as I have done the Friday’s Food Quiz Number 68 set by Pink I am going to start on my Fresh From The Oven challenge for this month.

1. Who introduced Turkeys to Europe?

The Americans? 

2. What is Gammon?

a cut of ham referring to the hind leg of a pig

3. What are the three main ingredients of the cocktail Cosmopolitan?

I have convinced myself that these are good for my health, as I have kidney stones! Vodka,   Triple Sec and cranberry juice

4. What are Mince pies filled with nowadays?

Dried fruit, spices, apples, zest and Brandy

5. What is a Bundt cake?

A cake that has a distinct ring shape

Lavender Surprise Bundt Cake

6. Where did Panforte originate from?



7. What is sprue?


8. What is fresh coriander called in America?


9. In which country is stollen a traditional Christmas cake?



10. What is Chami?

I am stumped! 

Did you know any of the answers for this weeks’ Food Quiz Number 68?

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