Food Quiz Number 72 For A Friday

My dear friend Pink has posted Friday’s Food Quiz Number 72. If you want to do it yourself, please pop on over to her blog to read the ‘rules’. If you just want to (hopefully) learn something new, read my answers below. I am not sure if they are all correct!

  1. What is a rendang? An Indonesian spicy meat dish, served on special occasions and usually made from beef.
  2. What does “to butterfly” means? This is when you cut a piece of meat or fish in half without cutting all the way through. A spatchcock chicken is one that has been cut down the middle. The meat / chicken / fish is then flattened. It allows for quicker cooking, or for further flattening to make schnitzels, etc.
  3. What is meadowsweet and what is it used for? Meadowsweet is a herb used for flavouring jams, stews, drinks etc. Click on the link to read more.
  4. What does Mulligatawny means? pepper water
  5. What does the term “coats a spoon” means? a term used when making custard. The mixture needs to be thick enough to ‘stick’ to the back of a wooden spoon which means it has cooked and thickened enough.
  6. What is “Oeufs en Meurette”? eggs poached in red wine
  7. What are the main ingredients of paneer? milk and lemon juice
  8. What is the name of Nepal’s most favourite dish? Dal Bhat
  9. What is the main ingredient of Chaas? buttermilk
  10. What do gazpacho, bouillabaisse and bisque have in common? they all use tomatoes
Chicken And Paneer Kadhai

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