Food Quiz Number 74 For A Friday

We are experiencing true winter in the Western Cape, it is cold and wet and hopefully soon we will see some snow on the mountains. My friend Pink has posted another quiz and here are my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 74. If you want to try her quiz please pop on over to her blog and let her know.

1. What are Boquerones?

this sounds Spanish so I will guess and say a Spanish tapas of anchovies (using the photo as a clue)

2. What is the main ingredient of Nuom chum?

a Vietnamese dipping sauce

3. What is eaten with cream at Wimbledon?


4. How do you make wontons?

This is a Chinese dumpling made from a square wanton wrapper with a filling inside

5. What is stilton?

A blue cheese from England

6. Where does the dish satay originate from?

Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

Food Quiz Number 74
Braised Oxtail With Peanut Sauce

7. In which two popular condiments would you find tamarind?

Worcestershire Sauce and Chutney

8. What are Mizuna, Romaine, Butter and Iceberg varieties of?


9. What is the beer of choice to drink when at Wimbledon?

I have no idea!

10. Where did Chakalaka originate from and what is it?

It originated from the townships of Johannesburg and it is a spicy vegetable relish
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9 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 74 For A Friday

  1. Interesting quiz. I like challenging questions, particularly about food. Just when you think you have acquired some knowledge, you find out you really don’t know a darn thing 🙂

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