Food Quiz Number 8 For A Friday

Here is another OLD post of a quiz posted by PinkPolkaDot. And my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 8.

1. What is the difference between mushrooms and truffles?

a mushroom is a fungus that grows above ground where as a truffle grows below ground

Beef Fillet With A Truffle And Mushroom Sauce Friday's Food Quiz Number 8
Beef Fillet With A Truffle And Mushroom Sauce

2. What is a smorgasbord?

a table of mixed foods to be shared, like a mezze platter, but from Scandinavian countries

3. What is traditionally added to risotto Milanese?


4. Where is beer not considered an alcoholic drink, but legally a staple food?


5. What is a beignet?

oh my favourite accompaniment to hot chocolate at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans 🙂 I describe them as the doughnut holes and they are scattered with castor sugar

6. Capsaicin, which makes hot peppers “hot”, is best neutralized by which protein?


7. What is the difference between amaretti and amaretto?

amaretti are biscuits made with almonds, and amaretto is almond liqueur

8. Which Japanese dish is cooked at the table?


9. Why do bananas sweeten as they ripen?

the starch develops

10. What are blondies?

white brownies


Food Quiz Number 8
Chocolate Brownies

11. What flour is made from finely ground chickpeas?


12. What is arachibutyrophobia?

the fear of touching spiders

13. Which fruit is said to have grown in the hanging gardens of Babylon?


14. Name the Moroccan mixture that has 20 or more ground spices and is used for seasoning soups and stews?

ras el hanout

15. Which resin is related to the pistachio and used for flavouring Turkish delight?


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16 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 8 For A Friday

  1. This was really fun and an interesting read tonight.. I learned quite a few new facts:) (I’m almost embarrassed to admit I’d always wondered what blondies were… now it makes perfect sense (and I’m a blonde, so that explains not knowing!)

  2. Tandy, I love reading your quiz…
    Always, learning something 🙂
    Thanks and have a wonderful week ahead!

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