Fruit Concentrate Using Guavas

When fruit is in abundance, make this fruit concentrate. I used guavas as I had a box of them to use up and did not want any to go to waste.


I have the most organized desk you can possibly imagine. Everything has its place and there are trays and folders for each and every piece of paper. So, when I cannot find something I get into a mild state. Today I lost our card to use at the garage to get air miles when we put petrol into the company vehicle. I eventually found it in the top drawer of my desk. I must have swept it into there while tidying up something else. But what I cannot find are my notes on how I made the fruit concentrate. I am typing this recipe from memory and hopefully I will find the scrap piece of paper I used to confirm that what I think I did, I actually did. And that is really a lesson learnt, I should stop writing recipes on pieces of paper. But this tends to happen as I am so far behind in my writing. As I sit here, I have 6 recipe books on my desk and 2 notebooks, and several pieces of paper with my handwriting on them. I used guavas in my fruit concentrate as I was gifted a box from Teresa, and I did not want them to go to waste. Make use of any fruit you have to hand and keep some in the freezer to use at a later stage.

Guava Juice
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Fruit Concentrate

Use the concentrate to jazz up any dessert with an extra zing of flavour.
Recipe Category: Dessert
All Rights Reserved: an original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 1 l fruit juice
  • Sugar or fructose to taste


  • Place the fruit juice into a sauce pan that has graduated markings
  • Place onto the stove on a medium temperature
  • Allow to reduce by half
  • Add sugar or fructose to taste if necessary
  • Reduce by half again
  • Adjust the sweetness
  • Set aside to cool before storing in the fridge or freezer


If you do not have a pan with graduations, use the shaft of a wooden spoon to measure the height in the pan of the liquid. Use this to work out when it has reduced by half and half again.

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