Getting To Know Each Other Some More

My friend Mandy who blogs over at The Complete Cook Book has posted this list of questions in order for us to get to know each other some more. You too can take part, in Getting To Know Each Other Some More, but please let her know.

1.  What 5 items are always in your fridge?

eggs, bacon, cheese, mustard, champagne

2.  What 5 items are always in your pantry ?

tinned tomatoes, pasta, tinned salmon, chocolate, microwave popcorn

3.  Do you write a grocery list or do you shop off the cuff?

I make a list, divided into the shops I buy the produce from and I very seldom buy something not on the list.

4.  What is the most used item/s in your kitchen?

my very fancy kettle and second is my gas hob on the butchers block I designed

5.  What do you have in your kitchen that may seem strange to other people?

my kitchen is so small, nothing that is strange can fit in there – but if one my friends can tell me different I would love to know

6.  If you were to enter a Come Dine With Me challenge, what would you cook?

Well, from this post you can see that I would not but if I HAD to:

Starter:  poached crayfish served on chilli crumpets

Chilli Crumpets

Mains: Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken

Dessert:  It would also have to be crème brûlée 

Crème Brûlée With Figs In Pomegranate Concentrate

7.  If you could invite any 4 living people in the world to dinner, who would they be?

It would have to be Raymond Blanc, Michel Roux Jr, Jamie Oliver, Prue Leith

8.  What is your favourite breakfast out?

Eggs Benedict

9.  What one condiment could you not be without?


10. Some people seemed to have a problem eating leftovers or reheated food, do you?


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22 thoughts on “Getting To Know Each Other Some More

  1. I know I would enjoy the starter, with a glass of champagne, and I could stay on that all night!! Repeating process of course!

  2. Tandy, thank you so much for playing along again! I loved reading all your answers and I am sure I could survive on the contents of your fridge. 😀
    Have a happy Sunday.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. I like the questions (and your answers)–I’d have a hard time going without pepper, too. I’ll put it on most anything (savory, that is–although if you know of a way to work it into a dessert, let me know 😀 )

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