Gin Cocktail

I made my gin cocktail with the grenadine syrup I had made, as well as freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. You can use store bought grenadine if you choose to.

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I used to be a hand bag person. I would have different bags for different outfits. And separate bags for daytime and night time. I am not sure what changed but about 15 years ago I got rid of all my handbags except for 2. I kept one daytime bag and my small, over the shoulder ‘going out’ bag. That in itself is quite funny as I never take a bag with me when we go out. I bought this particular bag when I was in Sydney. It was just the right size for a small wallet, a pack of cigarettes and house keys. Now when we go out I don’t pay and Dave has the keys. I also no longer smoke having given up when I moved here. When we started travelling I bought a small bag to take our passports and cash.

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On one trip the strap broke and it was a good thing it happened at the airport while I was in the bathroom. If it had happened anywhere else I would have lost the bag with all its contents. This meant I had to buy a new bag and I gave it a lot of thought so that I would spend my money wisely. I decided on one that goes over my shoulder and sits in front of my body. This means that while navigating through the airport and when dragging my suitcases around the place I don’t have to worry about using a hand for the bag. I chose a Cellini bag knowing the quality is good enough to last. It is big enough for our passports, some cash, my wallet, a pen, my iPad and phone. It is also comfortable which is a necessity. What do you consider a necessity when buying a bag?

Gin Cocktail

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Gin Cocktail

Make use of a good quality Gin that you keep in the fridge for this cocktail
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  • 150 mls freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
  • 50 mls Gin
  • 25 mls grenadine


  • Place the grapefruit juice into a tall glass and add the gin
  • Then pour in the grenadine
  • Leave it to settle before drinking
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime May 29:

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