Gooseberry Sauce To Go With Snoek

Make this gooseberry sauce to go with any oily fish, such as snoek.

Gooseberry Sauce

We eat a lot of snoek as it is a locally sourced, and sustainable fish. This is usually caught by hand line off the west coast of the Western Cape, South Africa. Snoek needs something to accompany it. We do not use jam when we braai snoek. It is a common way of preparing the fish for a braai, but not one that we enjoy. In order to get the sweet, tart taste needed for this oily fish, I make a gooseberry sauce. It is an easy, quick and simple sauce to make.

More About This Meal

To read more about snoek, click here. A braai is better known around the world as a barbecue (or for my Aussie friends, a barby). Gooseberries must be one of the easiest plants to grow. Next time you buy fresh gooseberries just leave one to get very ripe. Then dig a small hole where you would like the plant to go and squeeze the seeds into the hole. Cover it up, water and watch your gooseberry bush flourish.

Gooseberry Sauce
Gooseberry Sauce
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Gooseberry Sauce

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  • 125 g gooseberries cut in half
  • 5 g butter
  • 5 mls fructose
  • 15 mls balsamic reduction


  • melt the butter, just to get the bottom of your pan slightly 'oiled'
  • add the gooseberries and as soon as they start cooking, add the sugar and vinegar
  • reduce until you get a sticky, thick consistency

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14 thoughts on “Gooseberry Sauce To Go With Snoek

  1. A lovely change from the traditional apricot jam. My gooseberries are just starting to flower, hopefully I’ll get enough to make jam this year.

      1. Hey Tandy, gooseberries are very easy to grow, we used to treat them as weeds! They do not need to much love and attention, but with some water and care, they can give you a bumper crop.

  2. I can’t remember the last time i ate gooseberries!!! We used to have them growing at the bottom of our garden in England – I remember eating so many of them – green – and getting sick!!! You see – i was a greedy guts froma young age! This is a great idea T – i just love the way you navigate around your dietary needs with such grace and ease! xxxx Have a great evening xxx jan

    1. thanks my friend! I did that with apricots – we ate every one off the tree and I was so ill. I did not eat them for about 20 years the memory was so vivid. You are not at all greedy – you have a healthy loving appetite for all things good – like tequila 🙂 have a great evening xxx

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