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Grace And Gratitude #graceandgratitude

Grace And Gratitude

This year is all about Grace And Gratitude and my personal hashtag will be #graceandgratitude. I am making a conscious effort to find at least one thing each day to be grateful for, and I am going to try and do everything with grace. Last year I was lucky enough to walk the streets of Venice, experience Bologna and visit Lake Como. I enjoyed a visit to Milan, Naples and Sicily as spent time in the Med on the Amalfi coast. This year we will be visiting family and friends in the UK and sightseeing in Wales. We also are barging in Burgundy and I look forward to sharing both experiences with all of you.

Statue Of Icaro At Temple della Concordia

I am grateful for each and everyone of you who pops in to read my blog, and I love every comment that I get. Last year my most viewed post was an IMK post. My most popular post is for a tomato and onion relish and this is something we make often at home. A special thanks goes to Celia for hosting the IMK posts – a lot of you have arrived here from her site. I have a flag counter on my blog, and it is great to see that I have had visitors from 177 countries. Most of my visitors are South African, and a lot of you are from the USA and the UK.

My most commented post was for coriander and avocado dressing and I make variations of this recipe on a monthly basis as it is really good. Mandy has left the most comments for me, and I want to thank her together with Tanya, Uru, Lorraine and Tammy for always leaving a kind word or comment on my blog.

I also want to thank the brands and PR companies that I have had opportunities with in 2013. Amongst the things I did, I spent an evening with Fair Lady making pasta, a day with Taste / Glacier making bread and was involved in a charity dash for Christmas with Checkers. I got to spend an evening at Spier and at Grootbos and experienced some amazing meals and wine pairings.

There is much to be grateful for and I thank each one of you for making this blog what it is.

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I am passionate about using regional, seasonable and sustainable produce when I cook. I live in Gordons Bay with my husband and dogs. Dave and I are busy building a house which is an adventure all in itself. Each year we visit a new place overseas to experience the food of the area. Follow along on our adventures!

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  • Such a lovely post. Well done on taking the time to reflect and put your thanks down on "paper". :) xx

  • I am grateful that you share your adventures with us. I love reading about your kitchen and your travels abroad make me forget that I am sitting in my office as I travel with you. Looking forward to your UK posts, Wales is one of my favourite places and the barging sounds like a wonderful way to travel. Love and hugs. xx

  • I usually start my mornings with 5 - 10 minutes stretching and meditation and this is when I get in that gratitude. It's a fabulous way to start the day! This year I'm focusing on being more mindful in the moment of how things feel, taste, smell, sound, etc. at that very moment. Not worrying about tomorrow or wishing I'd done something differently yesterday. I need to browse through your archive list and find some posts on Italy. If I can't get there anytime soon, at least I can live vicariously through your posts! :)

    • Being in the moment is such a great feeling - I try and do that even if I am watching TV :)

  • I also loved your coriander and avocado dressing recipe and use that often now too. Great little recipe. I will do what I can do to start boosting your ratings here in China.

  • What an amazing year you've had, Tandy. :-) Wishing you another year of beautiful adventures and delicious food. :-)

  • What a nice post Tandy. Also finding one good thing everyday is something we probably all should do, as it's makes us more grateful.

    • It is something I have done for a long time, to find the silver lining when things were really tough!

  • I've seen your #graceandgratitude and for me its good to know the story behind it. Here's to many more #graceandgratitude !

  • You are the sweetest my friend! I am grateful to you for writing and sharing about different recipes and experiences :D
    I love reading your blog!

    Choc Chip Uru

  • Tandy what a lovely sentiment! I think being grateful is such a good thing and people sometimes get caught up in their own worlds and forget to be. Thank you for the lovely shoutout too and your lovely tweet about my book! :D x

    • I loved the book - as I did not read your blog from the beginning it was like playing catch up :)

  • What a lovely and heartfelt post - I really enjoy visiting and reading your recipes, learning about your travels and seeing some of the wonderful restaurants you visit!

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