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Grapefruit Tea With Fresh Root Ginger

Trying to recreate the grapefruit tea I enjoyed in France, I made my own version using dried grapefruit. The addition of spices and fresh mint made it most refreshing.

Grapefruit Tea
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It is amazing how we take basic things for granted. We turn on a tap and water comes out. We flick a switch and we have light. And we feel we need both conveniences to survive. Two weeks ago we had a power failure. I cooked before it got too dark and Dave and I ate by candlelight. Our biggest problem was knowing which lights were on. Most of our switches are two-way for my convenience. This makes it impossible to tell which ones are on and which ones are off. I had turned the kitchen light on, so I knew to turn that one off. Dave assured me that the television would not turn itself back on. I had been watching the news while drinking my grapefruit tea and completing a puzzle.

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When we woke up the next morning I walked from the bedroom in the cottage to the bathroom in the house. I could hear voices and it took me a few moments to realize that the television had turned itself on. The volume was not on too high, and the wind was howling. These two things combined meant that the news did not wake me when the power came back on. That was a good thing as I think I would have got quite a fright at 4am to hear voices in the house. I had also managed to work out which lights were on and so all of them were turned off when we woke up. Little did I know that the power would only be on for a few hours. This very basic need that we take for granted is for some people a luxury.

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Grapefruit Tea

This is a refreshing tea, full of flavour from the spices
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  • 2.5 cm fresh root ginger thinly sliced
  • 10 leaves fresh mint
  • 2 star anise
  • 1 bag vanilla tea
  • 5 dried grapefruit slices
  • 500 mls boiling water
  • honey to taste


  • Place the ginger, mint, star anise, tea bag and dried grapefruit into a tea pot
  • Pour the boiling water over and allow to steep for 3 minutes
  • Pour into a cup or mug and add honey to taste


You can keep on making more tea by adding a new tea bag each time you add 500mls boiling water, until the flavour of the grapefruit dissapates


Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime November 20:

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I am passionate about using regional, seasonable and sustainable produce when I cook. I live in Gordons Bay with my husband and dogs. Dave and I are busy building a house which is an adventure all in itself. Each year we visit a new place overseas to experience the food of the area. Follow along on our adventures!

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