Gratitude And A Few Announcements

A while ago, I deleted my daily gratitude page as it was becoming too much for me to update it every morning. That does not mean that I stopped being grateful, it just meant I was internalizing my words, rather than sharing them. Life has been amazing this year in so many ways. I am connecting with so many fantastic food bloggers from around the world, every day. I am doing things I would never have dreamed about doing. At the beginning of the year I was blogging for Woolworths, providing them with mostly original recipes for their blog. Since then I have been blogging for Canderel in a five part series of posts, together with some of my fellow bloggers. I am ready to expand my horizons, and in order to do so I am moving my blog from to This does not mean much of a change for you, my lovely readers, but it does mean a lot of behind the scenes work for me. I am so excited that I am committing myself to this and if I am nor around for a few days you will know why. I will post again on Friday and Monday and depending on how long the transfer takes, I will be back to normal in about a week or so.

Further to this, my second BlackBerry PlayBook is faulty – my first one had a faulty USB port, and this one’s camera has stopped working. It is going in today to be repaired or replaced (I am hoping for the latter) which means I will not be reading all the blogs I usually read on a daily basis. I use the RSS reader on my PlayBook to read blogs every morning while enjoying my first cup of coffee. I will pop in where and when I can until my PlayBook is returned.

And . . . . I finally finished uploading some of our photos from our holiday in Scotland. If any of you want to take a look, please click here – and remember the last post is actually the first!

Thank you for all your blog love and support!

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