Gurnards With Scallops

Fresh fish cannot be beaten – and we are very fortunate to have an amazing fishmonger two blocks from our office. Being winter, I can confidently shop for fish and keep it in the cooler bag I got from Marks & Spencer. My choice for the day was gurnards, and for a first time try, the fish was awesome. I should mention it was also very cheap – two lovely fillets for R15. For dinner I made Gurnards With Scallops. Gurnards are a locally caught fish. I try and eat as sustainably as possible. This means buying fish which is locally caught and appears on the green list. I also like to support local fishmongers. The Gurnards with Scallops dish was a bit of a compromise as scallops are not locally fished. But I could not resist buying them to make this meal a little bit more fancy. We but scallops when we are overseas and they are not so much of a special treat then. But in South Africa they certainly are.

Gurnards With Scallops
Gurnards With Scallops

For this very simple meal I made sure the scallops were dry, and seasoned the fish and the scallops with salt and pepper. Both were pan fried until perfectly cooked and enjoyed!
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    1. look out for Breco Seafood Packs – so Prawns from them at Checkers in Sandton City yesterday – they do the scallops we get.

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