Home Made Chocolate Using Cacao Butter

Do not be daunted when you see the words home made chocolate. It really is easy to do.

A while back I needed a lot of chocolate to make a recipe and for some strange reason, none of the shops that I went to had any sugar free dark chocolate in stock. When we were at the opening of the Pick N Pay at the V&A Waterfront, my friend Bernice who blogs at Betty Bake asked me why I did not make my own. This had never entered into my thought pattern but now that the suggestion was made I spent some time thinking about doing this. I have so much Willie’s pure cacao at home (which can now be bought at the new Pick N Pay by the way), as I bought about 15 of them when they were last on special. I also have some cacao butter which I received when I went to a rawlicious evening. That and honey were all the ingredients I needed to make my own chocolate. This chocolate can be used for baking as is, or it can be tempered to make chocolate treats. I decided to eat it as is, and place it onto some lovely chocolate transfer sheets to decorate it. I also tossed in some goji berries to make it look pretty and up the health factor!

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Home Made Chocolate

Recipe Category: Sweets
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 30 g cocoa butter
  • 70 g solid cocoa roughly chopped
  • 20 g honey


  • Place the cocoa butter and cocoa into a bowl
  • Place the bowl over a bain-marie and let the cocoa melt
  • Remove from the heat and whisk in the honey
  • Leave to cool slightly before pouring out and leaving to set in the fridge

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