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Over Pesach I always serve this horseradish dressing with gefilte fish.

When we were in Wales I had the best horseradish sauce that I have ever tasted. I could eat horseradish raw and would do so if I could find this here where we live. In fact, I have only once seen horseradish in Somerset West. I took this photograph with my cell phone and used some of the horseradish that I bought to make chrain, a relish served traditionally with gefilte fish.


In Wales, my roast beef was served with horseradish sauce and it is the perfect accompaniment in my opinion! I so wanted to replicate the flavour of the horseradish when we got home and so I made this horseradish dressing. I used palm sugar as I am also busy experimenting with making sucrose free meringues and had grated a lot of palm sugar to use for that. You can use any sweetener of your choice. The store bought horseradish I have says ‘hot’ on the bottle but I find it to be still quite mild. My next aim is to try and grow my own horseradish, it I can just find some seeds.

Horseradish Dressing
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Horseradish Dressing

Recipe Category: Salad Dressing
Makes enough for: 1 batch dressing
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 5 g fresh tarragon leaves
  • 100 g yoghurt
  • 1 lemon, zest and juice
  • 30 mls olive oil
  • 10 mls horseradish sauce
  • 10 mls ground palm sugar
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to season


  • Place the tarragon, yoghurt, lemon juice and zest, oil, horseradish and palm sugar into a blender
  • Blend until completely mixed
  • Season to taste


I added this to 700g steamed baby potatoes to make a delicious potato salad

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