I Apologize To All My Supporters

I apologize to everyone for the really bad techie decision I made.

I Apologize!

As you know, I have recently migrated my blog from WordPress.com to a self hosted blog on WordPress.org. And, the move did not go smoothly. I am not the brightest techie geek  there is, to say the least. I changed how my blog posts urls’ feature from having the date and the post subject, to having the post subject only, and this caused some broken links. In my panic to get my blog looking right I merely unlinked all of these. This resulted in some of my links appearing as being crossed out. The same thing happened on my blog roll as some bloggers have moved platforms and so the links to them appear broken and crossed out. Also, some of my posts uploaded more than once during the move and I deleted them arbitrarily.

So, with all my skills which don’t include common sense and logic, I deleted every single post from this platform that I had carried over and uploaded the whole caboodle again! Which meant that each and everyone of those posts was ‘republished’ and each and every one of my subscribers have had an inbox full of me.

I am so sorry, and even though the upload got stuck halfway through I will not try and remedy the situation. I will not inundate your inboxes with emails. All you should have received from me yesterday was the post for saffron pasta. I hope you can all forgive me my slip up and if you spot a link that does not work or a printable recipe that does not actually go to the .pdf file please let me know. I will then just fix those problems.

So, I really apologize for my error yesterday.

From a foodie not a techie, many thanks for your understanding!

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