I Have Been Tagged

I Have Been Tagged by the lovely Paula, who blogs over at Reflections From A Cloudy Mirror. Paula has tagged me to answer 11 questions, and to ask 11 people 11 questions.

Here are the eleven questions (very musical ones I see) and my answers (not very musical):

1.  Do you know the way to San José?

no, but google maps does!

2.  What do you get when you fall in love?

a lovely husband named Dave

3.  What’s it all about, Alfie?

who the (bleep) is Alfie – sorry, wrong song!

4.  Why do fools fall in love?

so that people can become grandparents

5.  What kind of fool am I?

I don’t think you are a fool

6.  How do you solve a problem like Maria?

hide her somewhere?

7.  What are you doing the rest of your life?

travelling, shopping, cooking, eating, being in love ….

8.  Do you think I’m sexy?

?? not sure how to answer that, never having seen you!

9.  What’s love go to do with it?


10. “When will I see you again?

around the blogs, ever weekday

11. Are you lonesome tonight?



my 11 questions:

  1. would you eat brains
  2. would you eat sweetbreads
  3. would you eat fish eyes
  4. would you eat tongue
  5. would you eat haggis
  6. would you eat ox tail
  7. would you eat liver
  8. would you eat kidneys
  9. have you eaten anything that is not considered a normal food group
  10. what is the strangest concoction drink you have ever had
  11. what is your most memorable meal

and I am breaking the rules, and not tagging anyone. However, if you want to answer the questions, please do and let me know 🙂

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