I Love My Country! South Africa

I Love My Country!

The other day while watching the news on Sky I had to hang my head in shame. It showed footage of mob justice in Soweto. My domestic goddess was watching with me, and she told me that this happens often in Lwandle where she lives. I am so proud to be South African, and I love my country, but this awful state of affairs makes me sick. We have poverty levels beyond belief, and despite being such a successful democracy, neighbours won’t help each other in times of need. People are starving and resort to stealing. These thieves are then beaten up by the people of the community who are sick and tired of all the crime they have to endure. Rapists are often beaten to death, and whereas I think they might indeed deserve the death penalty for raping children, I don’t believe this is up to the people in their society to decide. But, we do not have an effective policing system here, many of our police themselves commit criminal offences. We have bred a corrupt society, and most people have no respect for the law. I am ashamed to hear of a policeman raping a homeless man who sought shelter from the rain. I am sick of hearing of children being raped and people burnt. It is as if we have not moved on from an era where necklacing happened daily. I am saddened that we cannot get together and help each other. My maid tells me of hiding when the community is doling out their punishment in the form of mob justice , but she should not ever have to be in that situation. I can only hope that we can start a top down revolution where the people in charge lead with integrity, and criminals are punished by the law for their actions. I can only hope that by punishing those who transgress, that crime abates. Today, I hang my head in shame for loving my country.

Sorry, no foodie post or recipe today! My blog will be moving to wordpress.org on Friday, and hopefully this will be done without a glitch. My PlayBook is due back on Friday as well, which means everything will be back to normal on Monday.

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