I Made It Challenge Sabayon | Zabaione

I Made It Challenge Sabayon | Zabaione

Thank you to all the bloggers who have committed to taking part in this I Made It Challenge Sabayon | Zabaione. You may use any recipe that you choose. Please make sure that you follow all of the ‘directions’ below!

  • you must link back to this post in your post
  • you must include the widget in your post:

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You have until midnight at the end of the month to post your recipe. Basically, have fun!

Honey Liqueur Sabayon

These challenges are a great way for you to step out of your comfort zone. I use them to make something I would not normally tackle. And to make use of kitchen gadgets that would otherwise sit in a drawer or cupboard. For this challenge I used my egg topper. It is not that easy to use on raw eggs as you have to be very careful when removing the shell. However, because I do not want this expensive kitchen gadget to go to waste I use it whenever I make soft boiled eggs. It looks so pretty with the tops taken off so perfectly.

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