April 2016 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I faced a huge dilemma when I started compiling my in my kitchen April 2016 post. A week before the end of the month I had only received one new thing to share with you and Maureen who blogs over at Orgasmic Chef. And then to top it all, I had an internet issue which made writing blog posts impossible. We are in the process of constructing our new kitchen and scullery and I am trying to not add too many things to what we already have, as they will all need to be moved. So far, the ceilings and light fittings are in and an initial appointment has been had with a designer. In our life, that is quite a lot of progress.

Yuppiechef delivered my monthly FOMO box and the first thing we opened was the bottle of red wine.

FOMO Box March

Dave has tucked in to the fudge which makes me think I should try and make some with my sucrose free condensed milk. The coffee is at work so that Dave can make his morning cuppa using his Eva Solo coffee maker that I bought him. The gnocchi came in handy use when I didn’t feel like cooking and we have enjoyed the rusks. The rest of the ingredients are in my pantry waiting to be used and my next box is already on its way. I have used the box to store all my baking ingredients such as piping bags, nozzles etc.

We are going to need a new SolarDom oven for the kitchen and as the 11 year old one I have needs some TLC – the digital display works when it feels like it – and they were on special two weeks ago, I bought a new one. The start and stop buttons are in the opposite place to the old LG oven and I keep on hitting stop when I mean to start baking! It has a lot more features, including a crisping tray and steam container. Dave will repair the old one and it will go back into the cottage kitchen as soon as he has done so. My new oven will go into our scullery which will be done first.

LG SolarDom Oven

And as there was not much else to show you, I decided to take a photograph of what was on my fridge at the beginning of the month. My egg container was empty which does not happen very often. You can easily see my collection of mustard. These are seriously depleted and Dave is already asking what we should buy at the airport later this year.

In My Fridge April 2016

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