August 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I am not sure where the month went, but July has been and gone and we are in to the second half of the year. It is cold and wet here in August 2012, and the promised snow has yet to fall. July being my birthday month usually means a lot of lovely kitchen gifts, but for the first time in forever, I did not have a tea party for my birthday so I received lots more birthday wishes than birthday gifts 🙂

          in my kitchen ….

is  a bottle of pickled pumpkin that needs some inspiration!

a gift from Nora August 2012
a gift from Nora

in my kitchen ….

is a gift from Jenny Morris that means a special goulash dish is on its way

In My Kitchen August 2012 is a gift of smoked paprika August 2012
a gift of smoked paprika

in my kitchen ….

is this recipe book, I just love Jenny’s hands on the cover

an amazing recipe book! August 2012
an amazing recipe book!

in my kitchen ….

are two lots of honey, harvested at the same time

honey from my friend's bees - one creamed naturally August 2012
honey from my friend’s bees – one creamed naturally

in my kitchen ….

is the juicer I got for my birthday – it was a gift from my parents and my Mum-In-Law with a little help from myself.

In My Kitchen August 2012 is my juicemaker sitting in front of my breadmaker August 2012
my juicemaker sitting in front of my breadmaker

in my kitchen ….

is a new inspirational saying that I got off my sister’s facebook wall. It holds a lot of truth

In My Kitchen August 2012 is my new inspirational saying August 2012
my new inspirational saying

in my kitchen ….

are stewed guavas for adding to the morning oats. Simply done in clear fruit juice with a stick of cinnamon

stewed guavas
stewed guavas

in my kitchen ….

this is my pantry cupboard – makes a change from a peak into my fridge

In My Kitchen August 2012 is a view of my pantry
a view of my pantry

in my kitchen ….

is some rose petal sugar I made for a recipe – keep an eye on the blog for when I share it

rose petal sugar
rose petal sugar

Please pop on over to Celia’s blog if you want to share what is in your kitchen!

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37 thoughts on “August 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. I loved this post. In a way it is like honoring the givers of the gifts you have been given. I really do believe in giving honor where honor is due. I especially liked the inspirational verse.

  2. I hope your birthday was a very happy one, even without the tea party. YOur cupboard looks very organised and neat.Very wise inspirational saying which we should all remember. 😉

  3. Tandy, what a wonderful assortment of good things you have in your kitchen! Pickled pumpkin and rose petal sugar sound wonderful! Those guavas look different to the Feijoa we have here. Thanks for sharing ; )

    1. These guavas are a green skinned variety that I have not seen before – I am on the lookout for the small round ones 🙂

  4. I love these posts of you!! Do we have to do it on the 1st? I don’t have much time for blogging at the moment! Busy at work and my MIL is visiting! Hugs to you!

    1. I am glad you are busy! and nice to have your MIL visiting (I hope). They are meant to be done on the 1st but I am sure Celia won’t mind when they are done. Have a super week xox

  5. Tandy, you made me laugh – I was scrolling down looking for your fridge – how nice to see your store cupboard for a change! You’re so neat! I’ve never tried pickled pumpkin before, or heard of Jenny Morris, so I shall google both. The rose sugar sounds intriguing, and I love your new saying! The honeys look delicious – I love creamed honey! xx

    1. Jenny is a local South African chef who currently has a program on the Food Network Channel – not sure if you will get the syndicated feed there? Glad I made you laugh 🙂

  6. You are such an organized lady. Your refrigerator always looks like you are on vacation and your pantry looks like what you would find in a shop selling kitchen cabinets. Both my refrigerator and panty are jammed full at our summer cottage in Maine. What I don’t use has to be taken back to New Hampshire at the end of summer.

  7. Hi Tandy- I always look forward to seeing your refrigerator and like Celia was surprised and chuckled at your pantry. Surprised it wasn’t the inside of your fridge and delighted that your pantry is so well organized! I always cringe when someone looks in my fridge- the glazed look in their eyes at the sheer volume of stuff in there!- but my pantry is at least presentable.
    I love the honey, paprika and rose sugar- looks like a lot of fun foods ahead for your family.
    I usually give a birthday tea for my birthday, too, but the last two years I’ve been out of town- I think I will stay at home next year and do a tea again, I miss them.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the visit Heidi! I will share my ‘jar’ fridge next month and I am sure everyone will be surprised at the sheer volume of things in it 🙂

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