August 2013 Showcasing In My Kitchen

It is August 2013 and another month has passed us by! It seems amazing that the first of August is here, and that I am sharing more goodies that found their way into my kitchen. Some of the photos were taken in my lounge which did not work out very well – but it was raining and I did not feel like the walk to my ‘studio’.

in my kitchen ….

are two glasses that Dave and I won when we were at the Glenfiddich tasting evening that took place at this year’s Knysna Oyster Festival. I was given tickets to attend this event and it was such a wonderful evening. Thank you to the event organizers for this!

Glenfiddich Glasses

in my kitchen ….

 are two Le Creuset espresso cups. I bought them for my avocado chocolate mousse and I am hoping to collect another 6 for our dinner parties.

Le Creuset Espresso Cups

in my kitchen ….

is raw cacao powder. I ordered it with my last food order and I am planning on using it for my cakes in future.

Raw Cacao Powder

in my kitchen ….

are disposable baking tins from my friend Chantelle for my birthday. I cannot wait to make something and see how they work!

disposable baking tins

in my kitchen ….

is a spice dabba which Alex & Co. got me for my birthday. I have changed around some of the spices as I have containers of some of them already. I have placed my whole dried chillies into the container as I have an abundance of fresh ones at the moment.

spice dabba

in my kitchen ….

is a butter keeper. I am so excited to see how this works in summer! My friend Erica gave me a gift voucher from Le Creuset and so I used that to pay for part of this gift. It is meant to keep the butter spreadable no matter the temperature.

butter keeper

in my kitchen ….

are two more Le Creuset espresso cups for my collection. Stella sent me a yuppiechef voucher and I put it towards two more for my collection. I am now half way there!

Espresso Cups From Le Creuset

in my kitchen ….

is a bottle of Tanqueray Gin and a slab of 90% dark supreme chocolate from Lindt – stay tuned to see what I make using these ingredients! I was given these as gift when we attended a Lindt and Tanqueray evening.

chocolate and gin!

in my kitchen ….

is my signed copy of Lorraine Elliott’s book Not Quite Nigella. The book is not available in South Africa but I was lucky enough to get one from my sister. Lorraine posted it to Kerry and Kerry sent it back to South Africa with my mom. I have a PILE of books to review and this is going to be my reward for getting through them all.

Not Quite Nigella

in my kitchen ….

is my new toy for my Kitchen Aid! This is a pasta extruder which I got for my birthday from Dave, my mum-in-law and my parents. It has 6 plates and I can now make spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, fusilli and macaroni. I have made some squid ink pasta and this weekend I will pick a shape and make our first batch.

Pasta Extruder

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