August 2014 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial has grown the in my kitchen contributors from a handful of us to somewhere around the 50 mark. I try and read each post every month as I just love taking a peek into everyone’s kitchens. Hopefully you enjoy the August 2014 peek in to mine!

I was gifted a lot of grapefruit and other that the curd I made, I also made some grapefruit cordial. Before I could make the cordial I had to order a bottle. It was slightly smaller than I anticipated (I didn’t look to see how many mls it took!) but it is perfect for cordial.

Cordial Bottle

In the post where I mentioned my muslin Sherry recommended that I buy some Chux cloths. After entering the term into Google I realized that were the blue kitchen cloths that I use to clean my plates when taking photographs. I went out and bought a roll straight away. So far, I have used one already to make ricotta and what a pleasure! I have cleaned the cloth, but I now know that if it turns out too messy I can just toss it.

Kitchen Cloths

When testing a recipe from Lorraine’s cook book I made pork cheeks. The result of that was a lot of lard! I have already made some Yorkshire puddings with the lard – it is amazingly sweet.


I have chosen to make my own bacon following on from my Mastering Meat course. I had to find saltpetre for the recipe so the first step has been done.


My parents came for their annual visit in June and brought with them my birthday present. Lucky me I could open it straight away! It is a lovely tea pot which came with 4 different flowering buds. Each one tasted the same 😉 I just love it and am using it for my herbal infusion teas as I can brew a pot at a time and leave it standing for 3 days, enjoying a cup a day.

Tea Pot

The new PR agency for Canderel have sent me a hamper to try out. I usually always have their chocolate at home as they are sugar free. I look forward to trying out the other products as I have only used Canderel Yellow to date.

Canderel Hamper

After the Knorr Function we were sent home with an amazing bag which I will take overseas with me for shopping. In the bag was a huge selection of goodies. I have given the sauces and cook in bags to my step son James and kept the stock pots for myself. The salad dressings are all at work as Dave has salad every day for lunch. James is most enthusiastic to try out all his products and it gives me great pleasure to spread the joy.

Knorr Hamper

I have been sent a selection of Chinese teas from Teavivre. I have yet to try them as I am using up my oldest teas first. Once I have done so I shall let you know how they taste.

Teavivre Tea

After Germany won the world cup Checkers sent me a bottle of German Wine. They have a fantastic selection of international wines and I have been fortunate to taste quite a few.

Wine From Checkers

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