August 2015 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I am way ahead of myself in preparing my In My Kitchen August 2015 post to share with Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial to showcase what is new this month. But saying that, I am also way behind in getting the new things from the camera onto the blog :).  Since we are travelling overseas again next month, I want to make sure all my August posts are done before the end of July. In my kitchen is a copy of the Good Housekeeping magazine. I will take this with me to gym to read while I train on the elliptical machine. I picked this copy up at the TuberTek event I attended.

Good Housekeeping

We were also sent home with 4 potatoes, some duck fat, olive oil and salt.

TuberTek Hamper

I received a hamper at the SunGold KiwiFruit event that consisted of 2 chopping mats that I have taken to work, a kiwi fruit spoon, some kiwi fruit and a notebook.

SunGold Kiwi Fruit Hamper

My team won a blending competition and our prize was a bottle of wine and a decanter each. We have enjoyed the bottle of wine, and I have put the decanter onto our dining room table in the new house to use next time we have guests.

Wine And Decanter

What I blogged August 5:

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