January 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

This January 2012 I wish for you all a year that is full of your dreams and wishes, that your cup will always be full, and that you have all that you need. May it be a better year than 2011 and may it hold only joy. And even as I wish this for you, I wish it for myself. I know that there will be sad days in 2012 but I hope that they are few and far between. To start off my year, welcome to what was new in my kitchen in December. Santa visited me this year with a surprise package from Australia:

secret santa In My Kitchen January 2012
secret santa

Dave and I were blessed with our love for each other and our hearts are full.  I have a special dedication for Celia who blogs over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial – thank you for your enthusiasm in getting us all to show you a peep into our lives. I have been inspired by you to start my kitchen garden and to keep a record of what I buy. If you want to show us all a peep into your kitchen, please link back to Celia so that she can include you in her round up.

This photograph of my fridge was taken the day after Christmas – there are a lot of leftovers and a few tomatoes on the right of the photo that I got from the farmers market. Moddergat Organic Farm have a market every Saturday morning at L’auberge De Paysan and it is really worth going to.

in my fridge january 2012
in my fridge January 2012

and the saying on my chalk board for December:

december quote In My Kitchen January 2012
December quote

I gave John Faure, the winemaker at Vergenoegd a gift of a bottle of Adoro and in return I got a gift of their MCC – this lovely dry pink bubbly has a beer bottle top which is quite different to opening a cork. But the same sound emitted when Dave ‘popped’ it – and the bubbly has a beautiful floral note.

vergenoegd little flower mcc In My Kitchen January 2012
vergenoegd little flower mcc

With the remodel of my cottage kitchen my one rack was moved. I have rearranged all the bits and pieces and so I have some left over space for new things.

my 'new' kitchen rack In My Kitchen January 2012
my ‘new’ kitchen rack

I would like to say thank you to yuppiechef for the two knives I received from them this year – one at the Food Bloggers Indaba and the other after my participation in the Enkosi Cookathon.

my knife collection In My Kitchen January 2012
my knife collection

I am a bit of a knife collector and these are not all the knives I have – and I use all of them! So, I am sure you are all wondering what was in all those lovely wrapped presents – take a look here!

my lovely gifts from yvette in australia
my lovely gifts from Yvette in Australia

Despite all my good intentions the only recipe book writing I did was the introduction. But, I will dedicate time to this project as I want to get the book launched soon! Anyone who knows exactly how to create an e-book can please share the ‘secret’ with me.

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49 thoughts on “January 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

        1. I have been baking cakes with it, and I used it to make caponata – I have not yet tried much else so that will be my task for the year 🙂

  1. Ah you lucky girl – all well deserved. That honey drizzler is so useful, we have one too. And Cadbury´s Dairy Milk…my favourite! Thanks for all the lovely good wishes, and I am reciprocating them right back to you 🙂

  2. This is a great look in your kitchen! i also arranged my knives like that on the wall! I also have many & use them all!

    Lovely extra gifts for you! The lovely apero glasses look so beautiful too! Lovely gifts from Australia too! 🙂

  3. Happy New Year Tandy! I also have a fridge full of leftovers today. My new kitchen gadget is a water carbonator which will save me a lot in the long-run! Love the magnetic knife strip.

  4. Your fridge looks considerably fuller than ours is – we have eaten up! Happy New Year, all the very best for 2012.

  5. Tandy, Happy New Year to you and Dave! Thank you for your kind words, I love seeing what’s in your kitchen (and fridge) each month!

    I am really impressed with your knife collection, especially that big scalloped Santoku! That’s a serious looking blade! 🙂

    Look forward to spending 2012 with you! xx

  6. All the very best for 2012, and hope to learn lots more from you. I love this post and all the goodies. I have received my Santa Gift can i just blog about it on the Food24 platform

    1. Hi Usha, wishing you all the best for this year – you can blog about your Secret Santa gift if you choose to on any platform, please just send me the link so that I can include you in the round up 🙂

  7. I can only imagine how many wonderful and creative new pies you can make with your pie mold, I love mine and know your creative spirit will run wild…so happy you got a surprise, that’s what Christmas Cheer is all about. Best Wishes for 2012 x

  8. Hi there, I have posted about my Secret Santa gift, I only got it when I got back as the queues were shocking at the main Post Office. I got such lovely foodie things 🙂

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