January 2014 Showcasing In My Kitchen

This January 2014 I want to start off by wishing Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial and her family, an amazing year! Thank you for inspiring us each month to share with you what is new in our kitchens. This month I start with what is new in my garden!

I was given a fantastic food hamper from Pick N Pay in anticipation of the opening of their new store at the V&A Waterfront. The store is amazing and so worth a visit, if not for the gelato at the entrance or the great tea and coffee bar, then for the fresh duck and rabbit! I used the box from my hamper to plant my tomato seedling into and hopefully I will have an abundance of tomatoes.

tomato plants

Dave has taken to making open omelettes for breakfast and our omelette pan is not very suitable for the oven as even though it fits in quite nicely, it does not sit in the centre due to the handle. Dave wanted a small round pan and I gave him this braising pan as a Christmas gift. It has a lid which means I can use it for casseroles and it has been tested with an open omelette made with leeks, tomatoes, asparagus and feta and works excellently.

Le Creuset Braising Pan

I was given a gift voucher from yuppiechef and I decided to use it to buy the salt cellar to go with my pepper grinder from Le Creuset. I must say that my table looks really good now with these beautiful cherry adornments and they work well!

Le Creuset Salt Cellar

Last December I gave my Bennet & Read automatic dustbin too much of a good clean. I broke the mechanism which automatically lifts the lid when you wave your hand in front of it. I finally decided to get myself a new dustbin and chose a rather large one! It has a separate holder for recycling which is perfect. The lid also locks open making changing the bag really easy, and the bag hides away inside the bin. It is meant to be fingerprint proof as well! I have moved the old dustbin into the scullery to take the recycling as we need all that extra space.

my new dustbin

I am still obsessed with bread making, even though my starter is in the freezer. I placed it there for ‘safe keeping’ before we went to Italy and I have not had the time to make bread since then. But I have been watching the very dishy Paul Hollywood bake bread on TV and so I decided to buy his book as a Christmas gift to myself. Sadly it does not have his recipe for stollen in it which I wanted to make as a gift for my mom.

Paul Hollywood’s bread!

I have come to rely on my Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer a lot. It is so easy to use and so easy to clean and I have a lot of attachments. But, I think the newest addition is going to be the best one yet. It is a flex edge beater which means that the ingredients get scraped from the edge of the bowl as it is beating. I have not tested it yet but I am sure looking forward to doing so when I get to bake while I am on leave.

Kitchen Aid Flex Edge Beater

A few months ago I attended a bread making course courtesy of Taste Magazine. Not only did we learn a lot about bread, which if you follow me on twitter you would have read about already, but we also got to do a charcuterie and beer tasting. The beers were from Triggerfish Brewery which is owned by Eric. Eric gave me some stout to make my chocolate stout cake which Taste Magazine featured in their December copy. I was so chuffed to see my recipe professionally styled.

Taste Magazine

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