January And February 2013 In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen January and February 2013

By the time my blog was fixed, it was so close to the 1st of February 2013 that I decided to combine my January and February In My Kitchen posts together. I really missed taking part in this last month, but now that all my problems seem to have been sorted out, my blogging schedule is back to normal.

in my kitchen …

Is a garlic card which I received as a Secret Santa gift from Yuppiechef when I ordered my spicebomb

Secret Santa Gift From Yuppichef In My Kitchen January and February 2013
Secret Santa Gift From Yuppiechef

in my kitchen …

Is a gift I received from my Mother-In-Law. This book was given to her by her Father-In-Law and when Marguerite moved in December she gave me the book. I am so thrilled to have it as it will be treasured in my home and will remind me of her whenever I look at it

Household Cookery for South Africa In My Kitchen January and February 2013
Household Cookery for South Africa

in my kitchen …

Is an old fashioned ice cream scoop.  I have wanted one for ages and it has been used twice a day since I got it as while we are on leave we have been eating sorbets and ice creams!

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Scoop In My Kitchen January and February 2013
Old Fashioned Ice Cream Scoop

in my kitchen …

Is a small jar of dried figs with almonds drenched with honey. I have been on an elimination diet and two of the things I had to take off my diet were nuts and dried fruit (for the sulphur). Thankfully I am not allergic to either of these two things

Fig And Almond Honey In My Kitchen January and February 2013
Fig And Almond Honey

in my kitchen …

Is my new ice cream churner which has been used to make sorbets, gelato, ice cream and frozen yoghurt

Ice Cream Churner
Ice Cream Churner

in my kitchen …

Is the most beautiful book with a lot of blank pages which I received from Yuppiechef as a gift. I try and buy something every month from them, and nearly 90% of my kitchen toys have been purchased from them.  Thank you guys so much – you rock! I look forward to a lot more boxes of happiness, fridge magnets and postcards from you in your nice new pink packaging.

My Own Kitchen Diary In My Kitchen January and February 2013
My Own Kitchen Diary

 in my kitchen …

every time I am cooking are Molly and Patch. From looking at them, you would think Patch is the mommy!

Patch and Molly
Patch and Molly

 in my kitchen …

Is a gift I received from Checkers, a growing, living lettuce. It came to me roots and all. This product is meant to stay fresh long after it has left the store. I have had it for over a week now, and I am picking leaves each night to use for our salads.

Living Lettuce In My Kitchen January and February 2013
Living Lettuce

 in my kitchen …

Is a brand new ‘wooden spoon’. It is made from bamboo which is sustainable and it does not have the same feel as your ordinary wooden spoon. I have chucked out all my old spoons and I will get another one of these.

bamboo spoon In My Kitchen January and February 2013
bamboo spoon

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57 thoughts on “January And February 2013 In My Kitchen

    1. It is so lovely that I am going to ask my mom to get me another one! Chefs ‘n Icers in Sandton City – it is a Maxwell and Williams brand so maybe Friedman and Cohen in Strand might have one *holds thumbs*

  1. Love your ice cream scoop- I have one in a very small size for scooping cookie dough. Love the books, the lettuce( do you have to keep it in water?), the figs in honey- well- really- ALL of the stuff you shared is simply lovely, Tandy!
    Glad to see you back!

  2. How special to have your mom-in-law’s book. Same vintage as me. 😀 That living lettuce is such a great idea. Haven’t seen them here; I must have a look. Patch and Molly are too gorgeous. Happy weekend to you, Tandy.

  3. All of my ice cream makers gave up the ghost last summer, I’ll need to get the KitchenAid one now! You can also use the scoop to dish out cookies, it is perfect for that.
    That book of Kitchen Adventures is something I would love to get for not only myself but as gifts too. I encourage writing in cookbooks.

    1. The kitchen aid churner is so worth the expense! And what a great idea for gifts. All you need is a plain book and some art foil to make them. Thanks for the visit 🙂

  4. When I was in Croatia I bought a jar of honey with layers of nuts and berries.. It was delicious on cereal in the morning, chunky bread, etc
    I was just thinking today I would love to make it myself.

  5. So many lovely gifts Tandy! How sweet!! Ahhhh The ice-cream churner makes me miss my kitchen aid so much.. sighh.. I’m so depressed that I can’t use my kitchen aid here in asia due to the differences in voltage! 🙁 Gotta figure out a way to use some adapter.
    Glad to see you back to blogging!

    1. Thanks Sammie. Go to a travel shop and you should be able to find an adaptor for your plug. I’ve got one which I used in Bali so I’m sure you’ll find one 🙂

  6. Lovely dogs, Tandy! I like the spoon and the garlic tools too. I am in the process of CLEANING my kitchen and removing old pans, broken spoons, old and forgotten spices…that it could be a very long post.

  7. Tandy, that spoon looks wonderful – I haven’t seen a bamboo one here, but I’m on the lookout now! And I’d love to know how you use your garlic card – is it like a grater? I’m so glad you don’t have to take nuts and dried fruits out of your diet! And I use my icecream scoop to shape cookie dough!

    So nice to have you back, we really missed you last month! (PS. How’s your fridge looking? I miss seeing inside it! :))

    1. I will have to blog about how to use the garlic card! The spoon is from Maxwell and Williams so I am sure you will be able to find one there. I will take a pic of my fridge for you 🙂

  8. You nearly buy kitchenitems, each month! That must be expensive! 🙁

    I love your kitchen things! What do you do with a garlic card?

  9. Love the book but I don’t like bamboo spoons. Mine are bamboo spoons are getting little chips and they are hardly used. I have several wooden spoons that are so old that I just love…they are like old friends in my hand.

    1. I am hoping that this one lasts as my wooden spoons were looking sad! I saw some cheap bamboo spoons the other day which I did not buy as I am sure they will not last 🙂

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